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Personal fitness profiles

There will be three personal fitness profiles this year for students in Grade 3/4 and 5/6. They are intended to raise students' awareness of their own health and fitness, as well as giving computers a real-world use. The profiles fit in with school sports.

Part 1)

The information gathered by the students in their profiles is for their use only. They will compare their own results later in the year with their own results from earlier in the year to measure changes and improvements.

Height and weight are recorded and compared with their own height and weight earlier in the year.

Resting heart rate, heart rate during exercise, and heart recovery rate after exercise.

Flexibility, using sit and stretch.

Sprint speed over 50 metres.

Upper body strength, using chin-ups. This activity is voluntary.

Part 2)

Each student enters their information into a spreadsheet that interprets the data and gives feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.

Download the spreadsheet:

Excel 97

Excel 97/95

Excel 5.0/95

Excel 4.0