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Poems For
Grandparents' Day

Education week
May 27 1999

My Nan
By Rhyse

My Nan is a real nice Gran
She’s kind 'a' old
But she’s nice and bold
She has lots of friends,
They only live around the bends
She has a nice clean house
With only one mouse.

She has a cat called Tigger
And he keeps getting bigger.
She has a cordless phone
And when she’s alone
She eats a cone.
She’s a little bit fat,
Like her cat,
‘Cause she eats lots of chocolate.

I love my Nan
She’s as nice as spice!

My Nanna
By Megan

My Nanna is very special to me
I love her so much, so much as can be.
She brightens up me every day
In each and every possible way.
She is an idol to me alone
Although she is not often home.

She does so much in her days
That out she goes for the latest craze.
From boot-scootin’ to dance-and-paint
She does so much I think she’ll faint
Drawing, writing and calligraphy
She is so good I’ll give her a trophy.

But that’s all about my Nanna.

Grandpa Jack
By Damien

Grandpa’s dead now and when he was alive
He served in World War II and got a surprise
A bomb came down and hit his plane
Like a big piece of pie
He was flying into the sea,
Then he was rescued luckily.
Years ago he lived with me and we were close you see

He would pick me up from kindergarten
Then we would work in the garden
He and I would play games
Like pretending we were planes
But then Grandpa got ill
And he had to take pills
But the doctor said he had cancer and he would die
The day that Grandpa died was a terrible day
Everyone cried while the horses munched on hay
I was absolutely screaming
When they took my friend away.

Grandpa & Grandma
By Blake Hollins

Grandpa and Grandma
Live in Victoria
Grandpa he taught me to
Drive a four-wheel drive

Grandma was in the kitchen
Making a roast
On toast
Looked outside, saw me driving
And got a fright!

Grandpa Russell
By Hannah

I’ve got a Grandpa, Russell is his name
He’s got a cat that’s very tame.
He lives in Glen Waverley with a wife and a child.
He became an Accountant, which isn’t very wild
Russell fought in World War II
It was planes he flew.
Air force was what he did
Even though he was a 16-year-old kid!

Pam is his second wife,
From 1983 he started a new life.
He has a daughter he names Fiona
Of two rats she is the owner
For a newspaper he was a clerk
And next to him his boss did park
Now he has settled down at home
Where he’s free to roam.

By Jamie Ellis

I have had a lot of Great Grandparents and Grandparents
When I have been alive
But first I will tell you about the ones that got away.

First my Great Grandpa Frank,
He died about 10 years before I was born.
He loved fishing and was the fish keeper at Eildon
He also made his own flies.

Now my Grandpa Joe I don’t know much about him
But I know that he died in the war
Because he got bombed on a ship.

My Great Grandpa Ken was my Step-Great Grandpa
After Great Grandpa Frank died, and was married
To Great Grandma Hazel, but he died too.
But Great Grandma Hazel is still alive.

Now about Grandpa - he is nice and has a computer,
Smokes a pipe and works at BHP.
Grandma is nice. She buys me lots of custard tarts.

Now Great Grandpa Bill, who is my Step-Great Grandpa
After Grandpa Joe died, is married to Great Grandma Betty.
They are both still alive and here is a story
About Great Grandpa Bill in the war.

In the war he got shot and the ambulance
Came and, on the way back to the hospital, the ambulance
Got blown up and he was the only survivor.
Then I think he had to walk to the hospital

Which took weeks and, when he got better,
He got sent to the Airforce for parachuting
And now he can’t walk properly,

That is the end of my story - I hope you like it!

By Billy Barden

Grandpas are nice
And they are

By Ashton

Mega smart

Grandma Sue
By Samantha

Grandma Sue
Lives a long way away
In Sydney.
Every time she laughs
We all laugh.
She has false teeth
Which she keeps in a cup.

Grandma Sue
Lives in a flat,
Flat number five.
A code for the door
You type to get in,
It is hard to figure out.
She lives up the top.

Grandma Sue
Takes us to the beach.
We always run off
To the rock pools.
She sits and shivers
And watches us play
Then she drives us back

Grandma Sue
Hid Easter Eggs
All over her flat.
Lizzy and I searched and searched.
She hid a big bunny
Under her bed.
She is really kind and funny.

By Nathan

My Grandparents love their farms
Sheep, cows and heaps of barns.
I learnt to drive
The four wheel drive
As Grandma sat in the back.
This she enjoyed a lot.

Their farm is great,
One huge tree
And even a TV.
Pop gets the wood
Though he is not very good
Dad always helps out
‘Cos they are his folks.

Though I don’t like their food
And I am kind of rude
‘Cos I leave much behind,
I love their dessert -
Ice cream, mangoes and jelly.
Visits are few, just twice a year.

My Grandpa
By Simon Gunn

Grandpa is kind, caring, and nice.
He loves it when I visit.
Grandpa, the computer whiz,
Takes me many places.
Shops, the park and video store.
Although he’s disabled
He can do much.
Grandpa dislikes the hospital
Especially the food!
Grandpa’s talkative, funny
And loves music.
He lets me eat with my fingers
He rings every week, sometimes twice.
Grandpa likes me to cuddle him
And when we shop
He speaks in Dutch
I laugh, he laughs,
We laugh together!

By Thomas

My Grandparents are really nice,
I think they are scared of mice.
They are really kind
But hard to find in a big, big crowd.
I love them very much
When they do things such as
When they take me shopping
Or buy me presents
But I like them anyway even if they don’t!

Poppa and Nanna
By Jacqueline Humphrys

Poppa has grey hair.
Nanna dyed her hair brown.
Once I cut my Poppa’s hair,
Now it is short and balding.
Poppa likes his house clean.
Nanna owns a shop,
A big brown craft shop
The only one in Stawell.

Poppa likes his farm,
Nanna is quiet and calm.
I like to visit them often.
We get ice cream, lollies, and cake
And chocolate.

Poppa is quite tall.
Nanna is very small.
A dog called Flossy,
She’s black and white with fleas and all
But fun, cuddly and warm.

My Nanna
By Melanie

My Nanna is old, short and very nice
She buys me lots of presents
And always buys me a treat
When I come to visit her.

By Adam Rynia

Grandma is always
Never let
Down by silly pranks
Pop is
Amazing and Never
Nice or pleasant
Things like

Always thoughtful
Remembers special

Nearly always
Includes us in
Close to

By Gus Crosbie

I have a Grandpa
He’s very old
He smells quite weird
Just the mould
He has false teeth
That looks quite brown
He keeps a lot of old, old stuff
Grandfather clock, train set,
Old photographs around

When I was four
He scared me plenty
He said in the attic
Lives a vampire or twenty

Now I am 10
Scared I am not
I visit him a lot
And like him a lot

My Grandma is …
By Sarah

Mega Small

By Jarrad

This is my Grandpa
This is my Grandma
They live in good old Bundoora

They are old
They are frail
They find it hard to inhale

I love them a lot
They are very nice
But they are scared of little brown mice

They are good
With their knowledge
But all day long they attend to their foliage

Grandparents are good
When they are around
Because they let you act just like a clown

I’m young
They are old
They have stories that aren’t told

By Simon Hall

Grandparents are friendly
And like eating
Enjoy eating
Nice tarts
Some Grandparents are really kind

By Kacey Rowe

I’ve got a Nan, her name is Lorna
She lives in South Australia, Penola.
She’s got 2 cats, which she always tames
Ginger and snow-white are their names.

The cats are for scaring away snakes
To whom Nan fears are always awake
When she was young she lived on a farm
With all sorts of animals in a big barn.

Her daily chore was to milk the cows,
Then she’d ride her horses for hours.
After that she’d ride her horse to school
Which everyone did, it was very cool.

My Nan is a wonderful Nan
She doesn’t like to be called Gran.
She thinks that make her sound real old,
You're not old you're young she’s told.

We won’t call you Gran
‘Cos we love you Nan!

Nan Steed
By Mathew Steed

My Nan isn’t cold,
She isn’t bald,
Her foot is very old,
She isn’t tall,
She isn’t small.
She’s sometimes funny,
She does not have a bunny,

(I wish she did),

And now it’s time to say
Now my story is told!!
The End