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Donvale Primary School Profile

Donvale Primary School is located in a quiet residential street in the outer eastern suburb of Donvale. The school was established in 1967 and has a stable enrolment of approximately 350 students from culturally diverse backgrounds. The school is close to several kindergartens and is easily accessed by public transport.

The mission statement for Donvale Primary School is to ensure that each student will have the best chance for the future by helping them to obtain their full potential at school. The school provides high quality, innovative and inclusive programs to ensure opportunities and successes for all students within a safe and caring environment.

The progressive curriculum encourages excellence in learning by offering programs that foster self-esteem, self-discipline, independence and co-operative skills equips Donvale PrimarySchool students with the self-management, educational and inter-personal skills to become informed contributors to society.

Through the teaching programs the school aims to provide experiences which will: