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Donvale Primary School Charter Goals

      Goals        Implementation Strategies         Achievement          



To provide an      Curriculum Policy          analysis of curriculum      

inclusive,         review current programs    programs (Audit Curriculum  

comprehensive      with reference to Board    profiles)                   

curriculum in the  of Studies guidelines and  time allocated to each Key  

eight Key          the Curriculum and         Learning Area (Analysis of  

Learning Areas.    Standards Framework        timetables)                 

                   Curriculum Planning                                    

                   involving classroom and                                

                   specialist programs                                    

                   Work Programs                                          

                   cyclical program reviews                               

                   and evaluation                                         

To ensure that     provision of effective     levels of student           

the learning       professional development   achievement (CSF outcome    

needs of all       identify children with     statement)                  

students are met   special needs              reports from support        

through the        integration policy and     services personnel          

provision of a     program                    participation rates in      

range of programs  whole-school and area      special programs, ie,       

which meet the     planning and evaluation    Tournament of Minds         

individual         stated learning outcomes   level of parent and         

differences and    develop programs that      student satisfaction        

skills of all      promote and celebrate      (parent and student         

students.          achievement and success    opinion survey)             

                   team planning of                                       

                   activities that                                        

                   appropriately challenge                                

                   individual students                                    



To ensure a        establishment and          feedback from students,     

stimulating and    implementation of codes    staff, parents and          

positive, caring   of conduct                 community                   

learning           presentation occasions:    analysis and record of      

environment        assemblies, displays,      student behaviour           

                   media, special events      (observation of classroom   

                   Student Welfare Policy     and yard behaviour)         

                                              level of parent             

                                              satisfaction (parent        


To provide and     yard supervision policy    state and appearance of     

enhance a safe,    emergency procedures       grounds and buildings       

comfortable,       adhere to Occupational     (monitor and record by      

attractive         Health and Safety          Buildings & Grounds         

physical           Guidelines                 Sub-committee)              

environment.       continue ongoing           number, types and location  

                   maintenance and upgrading  of accidents (Accident      

                   of grounds, buildings and  Register)                   

                   facilities according to 5                              

                   year plan                                              

                   display students' work                                 

                   improved number of Level                               

                   2 trained staff                                        

                   continually evaluate 5                                 

                   year plan                                              

      Goals        Implementation Strategies         Achievement          



To monitor,        outcomes are monitored     attendance record of        

assess and report  and pupil progress and     parent/teacher nights       

on student         improvement is recorded    number and frequency of     

progress and       twice yearly written       student reports             

achievement to     reports reflecting on      level of parent             

parents.           student performance and    satisfaction survey         


                   parent/teacher interviews                              

                   conducted as desired                                   

                   information nights as                                  


To ensure that     consistent monitoring and  publication of annual       

the school's       regular review of all      report                      

performance is     programs against set       satisfactory audit reports  

monitored and      criteria                                               

reported to the    establish procedures to                                

community and the  monitor and report                                     

DSE.               - financial management                                 

                   - achievement of                                       

                    established goals and                                 


                   fortnightly newsletter to                              

                   school community                                       




To provide an      parents involved in        level of parent             

effective and      policy development and     satisfaction (opinion       

decision-making    classroom programs         survey)                     

process with the   consultative               level of workplace staff    

Principal, School  decision-making            satisfaction (workplace     

Council and staff  effective communication -  quality survey)             

having clearly     publication of             analysis of PD              

defined role       newsletters and meeting    (participation rates,       

prescriptions.     dates                      staff feedback, etc.)       

                   regular staff and                                      

                   committee meetings                                     

                   clear staff job                                        

                   descriptions and                                       


                   ongoing professional                                   

                   development and plan -                                 

                   sharing of professional                                




To provide and     allocate budget and other  condition of facilities     

effectively        resources to reflect       and equipment (Building &   

manage a high      established goals and      Grounds audit; asset        

level of           priorities                 register)                   

resources which    utilise community, school  level of use of facilities  

facilitate the     network and external       and equipment (borrowing    

implementation of  resources                  record)                     

school goals and   plan and implement         teacher and student         

priorities of the  cyclical maintenance       satisfaction with level of  

School Charter.    program                    resources (opinion survey)  

                   register of assets                                     

                                              annual budget versus        

                                              expenditure in goals and    

                                              priority areas (Audit,      

                                              Program Budget)             

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